How to install an Easy Lever on your bus

The manufacturer is out of business and details on the Easy Lever is unavailable. Below is our tip on installing Easy Levers.

Have you ever felt the lever on early buses hard to shift?

This lever will help make the lever easier to pull.

Use this nut to fasten the bracket to the emergency lever. Make sure to fasten it tight.

Going back a step, tightening the front nut may cause the pull lever to be unmoveable. In such a case, wrap aluminum tape around the emergency break lever itself. Making the emergency lever thicker gives the pull lever more space to be moved around.

The hole on the pull lever has threads to fit the screw.

Use a locking nut (M6*1.0) for the pull lever (not included in the kit). Don’t forget to use a washer or another locking nut for the other nut to prevent the nut from loosening..

If you position it too far up, it will not work correctly.

This is about right. Try a few times to find the best position for your lever.

Once you install the easy lever correctly and you get the hang of operating it, you won’t be able to do without this.

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